60 Hour Keto Reboot!!

Last month I completed my FIRST ever 60 hour Keto Reboot Bone Broth Fast and I have to admit it wasn’t too terrible at all.  I will do it again one day but for now check out my full video with my experience and results!

ORDER for the APRIL REBOOT: https://goo.gl/9Q1o49

So how exactly does it work I hear you say?  

It is a liquid fast for 60 hours (2 full days plus the night before and night after).  The Reboot starts the second Sunday of every month, here is the schedule of upcoming Reboots!


Reboot kits are not available for purchase until right before the next open spot! Everyone does the reboot together in a group starting on the same day! (of course you can start whenever you like, but doing it together will make it more fun and easier for you as you will have the group support of everyone else in the Prüvit nation doing it along with you!)


Day 1 starts on Sunday. You eat normally that day, have signal//OS that night along with your first Keto//KALM and water!


Monday is Day 2 and OFFICIALLY your first full day! You follow the schedule provided and your kit will have everything you need for the entire fast!


Day 3 is Tuesday and guess what….the FINAL day whoop whoop! The entire system is very easy to follow and the support within the group is incredible! Once you get your kit be sure to join my personal group and you will get the link to join the big group!

TO ORDER your very own REBOOT kit: https://goo.gl/9Q1o49


Here is your PATHWAY to OPTIMIZATION. Replace the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.



Get ready for that extreme mental clarity and your new relationship with food!



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