Fluffy to Half-Marathon

I am a person of my word.  I set myself personal goals that are somewhat in reach but deathly scary at times.  After my knee operation in April 2018, I decided to set myself a personal fitness goal.  I would run the next Little Rock Half Marathon.  Half price sign up day rolled around and I’m all about saving money so my husband and I signed up.  The date to save:  March 3rd, 2019!  Seems so far away right?  But not when you’ve just finished 3 months of physical therapy and haven’t run more than a mile in your life. No joke!!

How do you even begin to prepare for something like this? When are you supposed to start training? I did not and still don’t have a clue but I knew I had to start somewhere.  Thank goodness for smartphones and apps.  I downloaded Couch to 5k and decided that it was time to start.

I should back track a little and say, the huge motivator for starting 9 months out is the feeling of being fluffier round the edges from over indulgence during the time my in-laws visited.  A few pounds extra on the body does make me feel greatly uncomfortable so I made the deal with myself that the day after they left, I would focus on this FITNESS goal, not a weight goal.  I previously made a video encouraging people to stay off the scale and use other means of measurement for their journey, fitness levels being one.  I needed to take and use my own advice at this point.

Day 1 rolled around sooner than I was ready for but I went for it.  I got up as usual and drank my daily dose of fabulousness.  Seriously, ketones are life these days and I can hand on my heart say they gave me the energy and focus I needed for that 30 minutes of torture!! I like to think of my unicorn elixir as a pre workout without the jitters, after crash or ants crawling on my body.  I’m not about that feeling at all, so this works really well for me and keeps me going for the day.

The app breaks it down into weeks…I haven’t looked past week 1, but I know this first week is 60 second run followed by 90 second walk with a 5 minute walking warm up and cool down.  Seems simple right? Add in a blaring sun and extreme humidity at 8.30am and it calls for a struggle.

I put my baseball cap and sunglasses on and tapped my phone to start. “This ain’t so bad”, I thought to myself, until I turned the corner at the top of my street.  Full blast of the sun and then add in to the mix the fire that the builder’s had going on.  The joys of living in a subdivision where they are still building houses.  No one needs the fumes from that going into their lungs at the best of times never mind when running.  But it’s whatever! I can’t change it and I have a goal to meet.

The first mile was good and I felt rather proud of myself even as the sweat built up in my head.  It probably didn’t help that I had put an oil treatment in my hair the night before.  Bleach and the sun call for a woman’s intervention at times.  I do try to do it twice weekly but that’s a topic for another day.  So, as I felt the sweat in my head, running down my back and under the boobs (yes, i’ll say it.  Boob sweat is a thing!) the half way timer went off! My thigh cramped up, I got a stitch in my side and my shins were aching.  You guys, I’d only done just over a mile at this point!!! Then I realized, my breathing was awful.

I knew I had to fix it. I collected my thoughts as I breathed in slowly through my nose and out through my mouth.  At this point I was extremely thankful for the 90 second walking rests.  Before I knew it, it was time to run again but I feel more focused than before.  It was a routine now until that final 60 second run.  It could have been exhaustion or the fact it was on a hill.  Either way I didn’t like it one bit, but I completed it anyway!! The 5 minute cool up had me finish at my front door, just in time to collapse on the lawn.  But guess what,  I did it!! I set out to start and I did just that.

Photo 14-06-2018, 09 01 52.jpg

Nothing about it was attractive but there is certainly a HUGE feeling of accomplishment because this momma is on her way to completing her very first 13.1 mile run.

Until the next update, I’ll keep on running.

Colette ❤